Who Is Josh Frydenberg's Wife Amie Frydenberg? Everything To Know About

Josh Frydenberg and Amie Frydenberg got married in 2010. They have brought two beautiful children into this world. 

Amie Frydenberg is the wife of Josh Frydenberg.

Josh is federal treasurer and deputy leader of the Liberal Party

Who Is Josh Frydenberg’s Wife Amie Frydenberg?

Amie Frydenberg is a lawyer from Australia.

She is a Partner and Accredited Specialist at Lander & Rogers. She has been working for this company for 17 years.

Josh and Amie tied knots in 2010. They are blessed with two children, Gemma and Blake.

Is The Celebrity Spouse On Wikipedia? Amie Frydenberg’s Biography

The Celebrity Spouse Amie Frydenberg has not been listed on their page.

Amie came into the spotlight and popularity due to her husband, Josh Frydenberg.

Josh has been one of the few people who has his profile put up on Wikipedia. As her wife has not made a presence on this platform, we will talk about Josh’s profile from his Wikipedia page.

Joshua Anthony Frydenberg was born on born 17 July 1971. As per Wikipedia’s opening liner, Josh “is an Australian politician who has been federal treasurer and deputy leader of the Liberal Party since August 2018. He has been a Member of Parliament for Kooyong since the 2010 election.”

Josh’s mother, Erika Strausz, is a psychologist and professor at the University of Melbourne. And his father, Harry is a general surgeon.

What Is Amie Frydenberg’s Age? How Old Is She?

Amie Frydenberg is 40 years old. Her age details were on WikiProject.

If the information of her age is right then Amie was probably born in the year 1981.

Let’s Find Out The Net Worth Of Amie Frydenberg

Amie Frydenberg is an accomplished lawyer, her net worth might be in the range of $2 – $3 million.

There are no official published reports of Amie so this is a perceived figure and not an official report.

Amie Frydenberg’s Instagram

Amie Frydenberg has kept her Instagram private. If you want to follow her you need to send a follow request to see her feed.

Her handle’s name is @amifrydenberg. Amie’s account is not infiltrated by many people so of now. She has hardly 100 followers.

Amie writes, “Mummy to Gemma & Blake” and “Wife to Josh Frydenberg” on her Instagram bio.

Furthermore, if you want to see her husband on this platform, you have to search for the username of @josh.frydenberg.mp.

Josh has a following of 21.2k people.

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