Who Is Lizzy Burden? Everything To Know About The Journalist

We are unable to locate Lizzy Burden’s Wikipedia. However, we have made a short bio on her. 

Lizzy Burden is an economics reporter at Bloomberg News.

Who Is Lizzy Burden? Does She Have A Wikipedia? Bio

Burden has not been featured on Wikipedia.

Lizzy is a British journalist who works at Bloomberg news.

She covers the UK economy, trade, the UK economy, the Bank of England, and the UK Treasury. Weekly Beyond Brexit newsletter.

She is a regular guest on Sky News, BBC, and Times Radio.

Lizzy is a Filipina. She has worked as a model too for Elite Model Management; her mother owns this agency.

Burden is a graduate of Cambridge University. She did her major in history.

Her previous work was at The Telegraph.

What Is Lizzy Burden’s Age? Age And Height Too

Lizzy Burden is 30 years old. 

She was born in 1990. Lizzy celebrates her birthday on 26th August.

Lizzy’s height is 5 feet and 10 inches. 

Who Is Lizzy Burden’s Husband? Married Life

It is unclear whether Lizzy Burden is married or not. S

he has not talked about her marriage. Lizzy talks about her professional career, regarding her work but never of her private matters.

There are no rumored relationships of Lizzy Burden.

It looks like she is uncomfortable expressing personal affairs with the public. Optimistically, Lizzy will soon reveal her marital status.

On Lizzy Burden Family

Lizzy Burden’s mother works in the fashion and modeling agency.

Her mother’s agency includes Supreme Management, Wilhelmina Models New York, and Elite Model Management Milan. Though, her name has not been disclosed.

The identity of Lizzy’s father has remained anonymous.

Salary Of Lizzy Burden

The salary of Lizzy Burden has not come to attention; her details of salary are absent.

Her main job is being an Economy Reporter for Bloomberg News. Bloomberg is an international news agency; they pay Lizzy well.

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