Who Is Michael Goguen Wife Jamie Stephenson Goguen And Where Is She Now?


Jamie Stephenson Goguen is the current wife of capitalist Michael Goguen, and here is the net worth of Michael’s wife Jamie.

Jamie Stephenson Goguen is the wife of billionaire and capitalist Michael Goguen. 

Jamie’s husband Michael is new nowadays because of his long list of 5000 women with who he had sex. 

Michael Goguen, 57, a former Sequoia Capital partner who now runs his firm, has been sued by four former employees who claim they assisted him in managing his ‘harem’ of women.

Michael’s lawyer has not yet returned any comments on the issue and is yet to report it on Friday.  

Who Is Jamie Stephenson Goguen? Michael Goguen Wife

Michael Goguen has been married at least four times, the most recent being to Jamie Stephenson Goguen.

Though it is yet to be known about their marriage life, Jamie and Michael are very private people. 

Though for now, Michael is yet to be get cleaned because of the recent case filed against him by his won employee. 

Michael and Jamie are yet to have any children, as there seemed to be none.

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— Michael L Goguen (@MichaelGoguen) December 10, 2020

Jamie Stephenson Goguen Age And Wikipedia-Where Are She Now?

Jamie Stephenson Goguen’s age is expected to be around 30-40 years old. 

Jamie’s exact age is yet to be revealed, as there are no exact details about her date of birth. 

She is a woman with a very good heart who has helped many people if we have a look into her Instagram. 

In her recent work, she has been working to remove hate from people’s lives and has been posting in support of it. 

AS of now, she is a woman who is much more involved in social work for her mental health and also for others. 

What Is Jamie Stephenson Goguen Net Worth? 

Jamie Stephenson Goguen is married to one of the richest man Michael who has a net worth of almost $6 billion. 

Jamie herself has her business works which have given him a very good amount of net worth. 

Although his exact net worth is not yet been revealed and is yet to be found. 

Jamie Stephenson is a rich woman who has a very rich fortune and is married to a billionaire with billions of net worth. 

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