Who Is Michelle Heaton?

A Women who returned from “Death’s Door”.

Michelle Heaton has talked in her first TV meet since leaving recovery. Singer Liberty X appeared on Loose Women to talk about her recovery from three years of binging on cocaine and alcohol.

In a courageous and emotional interview, Michelle admits that she is on “the threshold of death” and that she may have died from her addiction “I became really ill.”

Michelle claims she refused to accept she has a problem because she is “happy” with her addiction. “It’s always been difficult for me to admit that I’ve had issues since it’s both fun and reality at times.”

The music diva and TV personality, who is now approaching 100 days of sobriety, said she was only spared because of the intervention of celebrity pals led by Katie Price. Michelle told Kaye Adams, Janet Street Porter, Frankie Bridge, and Brenda Edwards on Loose Women on Wednesday that, unlike other tales she’s heard, she didn’t have a specific “incident” that led her to go to rehab.

Knowing Michelle Heaton

Michelle Christine Heaton, She was given this name by her parents on July 19,1979. She is a British born pop singer, actress, TV personality, and personal trainer from England.

She rose to notoriety after spending the years 2001 to 2007 as a member of the musical group “Liberty X.” Her first album, “Thinking It Over,” was published in 2002 as a member of the pop band “Liberty X.” “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?” is her most well-known single (2004). In the late 1990s, she formed the group Sirens with other females from the north east of England to begin her singing career.

Married life

Throughout her life, Michelle Heaton has been married two times.

Andy Scott-Lee, a Welsh-born British singer, was her first husband in October Although the pair had been together for two years, they announced their separation in June 2008.

In July 2010, she married her second husband, Hugh Hanley, in The Bahamas. Hugh Hanley is an Irish entrepreneur and personal trainer. Michelle and Hugh have two children: Faith Hanley and Jay Hanley

Michelle Heaton confession at  Lorraine show

Michelle Heaton sobbed as she admitted to surreptitiously drinking before previous performances and apologized to Lorraine Kelly. She began her Lorraine interview on  by revealing that she used to drink in her dressing room while appearing on the show.

‘As a consequence of that, I wanted to apologize to you before we started since there were times when I drank before sitting on this sofa and you trusted me and I took care of you,’ Michelle continued.

“Don’t be stupid,” Lorraine told the singer, calling her “one of the strongest women I know.”

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