Who Is Nancy Hanomansing? Everything On Ian Hanomansing Wife

Who is Nancy Hanomansing? Why is she grabbing the media’s attention? What does she do? Who is her partner?

Let’s know about her in detail.

A little background on Nancy Hanimansing:

Nancy is known for being the wife of the famous Canadian television journalist named Ian Harvey Hanomansing. She works as a lawyer and also is the co-ordinator of professional sources for McCarthy Tetrault which is based in Vancouver, Canada.

The couple have been married for more than 3 decades now. They officially tied knots in the year 1991. The pair also dated for quite sometime before getting married and has never shown any sings of separation till this day.


The exact age of Nancy is not known yet.

However, her husband Ian is currently 60 years old. Hewas born in the year 1961.

Family Life:

Nancy and Ian have a very happy family of their own. The couple have two children together. They have two sons, who are now all grown up and also completed their high school. Their little family used to live in vancouver as they wanted their children to go to the same school but as they have completed their school, the couple are free to live whereever they want.

Salary and Net worth:

The exact salary or Net worth of Nancy is not published to the public yet but we can assume that she makes a good amount of income as a successful lawyer and  the co-ordinator of professional sources for McCarthy Tetrault.

The exact salary of Ian is said to be around $275,000. He have a net worth estimated to be around $2 million. His salary can be different in some sources.

How they met:

Nancy and Ian met a long time ago when both of them were still in college. the couple crossed their paths when both of them used to go to LLB together.

The last name:

Before getting married to Nancy, Ian’s name was only Ian Harvey but after getting married to his wife, he officially changed it to Ian harvey Hanomansing. He hasn’t spoke much about the topic but many people believes that it is for his wife.

Ian Hanomansing bio:

Ian is a journalist for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Canada (CBS).. He is most recognized as the host of CBS News Now With Ian Hanomansing, as well as the Nationals’ reporting.

He was born in port-of-Spain and was raised in Sackville, Canada. He is a Canadian by nationality.

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