Who Is Nelufar Hedayat's Boyfriend? Details On The Partner Of The Journalist

At the moment, Nelufar Hedayat is not dating anyone. The journalist is single. 

Nelufar Hedayat is a British presenter and journalist. She is the host of  Course Correction. It is a podcast.

At present, she is the correspondent for Doha Debates. Hedayat has worked for the BBC, Netflix, Channel 4, andFusion. In The Guardia, she has covered breaking news, in-depth investigations, and live events.

She also speaks about the experiences of women, children, and families of people from Afghanistan. This is because Nelufar is also a native of Afghanistan.

She was born in the capital of Afghanistan which is Kabul. She and her family migrated to the United Kingdom because of the war going on in her homeland.

Hedayat was crowned as the Journalist of the Year by Manchester Metropolitan University in 2017. She had graduated from the University of Westminister. Nelufar did her Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Literature which she had completed in 2009.

Who Is Nelufar Hedayat’s Boyfriend? Is Nelufar Hedayat Married?

Nelufar Hedayat is single. She is not seeing anyone as of now.

And to make the confusion clear on her marital status, Hedayat is a bachelorette. Nelufar is not married.

How Tall Is Nelufar Hedayat? Nelufar’s Height

The details of Nelufar Hedayat’s height is not known.

On Nelufar Hedayat’s Family

Nelufar Hedayat’s family are originally from Afghanistan. In 1988, she came to the United Kingdom with her family. During that time, Afghanistan was a mess because of all the war that was going on.

Nelifar’s mother is a civil engineer. But when she was in England, her mother took a job cleaning hotel rooms.

And similarly, her father was a professor of mathematics but later worked as a carpet salesman.

Nelufar Hedayat’s Net Worth Revealed

Nelufar Hedayat’s net worth has not been revealed. It is unclear how much wealth she has stored.

The average pay of a journalist in the UK is £25,081 (as per PayScale). But Hedayat probably makes a lot than this expected sum.

Meet Nelufar Hedayat On Instagram

Your favorite journalist Nelufar Hedayat is on Instagram under the>@nelufar.h.

Nelufar has attracted 32.5k people on her follower’s list.

Her last Instagram post was about Hedayat’s new documentary on ViceTv. She had uploaded a nine-minute video where she talked about her documentary.

Asides from Instagram, Nelufar can be found on Twitter too! @nelufar is her Twitter name and has 15k followers.

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