Who Is Rezzy Ghadjar? Details To Know About The Journalist

Who is Rezzy Ghadjar? Details to know about the journalist and her work.

A little background on Rezzy:

Rezzy Ghadjar is a well-established radio and tv presenter who is working for various radio and tv shows. Currently she is working for The One show in BBC since May 2021. At Southampton Solent University, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Television and Video Production.

Rezzy also works as a vlogger for Sun’s Fabulous magazine. Also, she is an energetic girl who loves modelling. In terms of her personal life, Rezzy Ghadjar is of Persian origin. Rezzy is a member of the White / Caucasian ethnicity.

Her work experiences

At Global, Ghadjar is the heart radio host. Her work can also be seen on Sky, ITN, Television Studios White City, and many more channels. Rezzy Ghadjar has also worked as an entertainment correspondent on BBBOTS alongside Rylan Clark-Neal. She is one of the most experienced and skilled characters, and she is eager to demonstrate her capabilities


In Wikipedia, there are no knowledge about her personal life, date of birth, her origin, marriage status but Wikipedia has her information on where she has worked and is working for.


As, there are no official claims of her date of birth on any websites or social media platforms, judging by her appearance, looks like she is in her mid 30’s. Rezzy celebrates her birthday in November 23rd, according to her Twitter page. Rezzy Ghadjar stands at a decent height of 5 feet 10 inches when it comes to her physical beauty. Her weight is about 67 kg, and her eyes are Hazel in color.


Moving on to her love situation which seems that she prefers her love life to be somewhat secretive as Rezzy Ghadjar said that she is unquestionably married at a meeting. but In any event, social media platform and websites, she has been tight-lipped about her accomplice’s name and other details.

Personality and traits:

Rezzy Ghadjar is a multi-talented radio and television host. She is an energetic and loves modeling as well as fashionable cloths. She loves her job of presenting at tv and radio. She is a competent and educated working woman with a broad view on world with a great way or skill of delivering a speech and information. But regarding her personal life especially about her married life she is a bit introvert and secretive but in other sector she seems to be confident and extrovert in nature.

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