Who Is Sean McDermott Wife Jamie McDermott? Age Gap & Net Worth

Who Is Sean McDermott Wife Jamie McDermott? Get to know all the information on the coach’s personal life here below!

Sean McDermott leads Buffalo Bills as its head coach at the National Football League (NFL).

He is considered to be one of the top head coaches in the NFL fraternity.

Although his skills and respect in the industry are far and wide, he has not disclosed much about his personal life and people related to it.

Here, we present everything that we know about head coach McDermott.

Who Is Sean McDermott Wife Jamie McDermott? 

Sean McDermott has been married to his beautiful wife, Jamie McDermott.

Jamie’s full name is Jamie Alison Mau. She is reported to be a very supportive wife and dotted mother.

Bills coach Sean McDermott and wife donate meals to hospital workers https://t.co/yJPhAcYA4V pic.twitter.com/8vJw7x123w

— [BN] Blitz (@BNBlitzNow) April 28, 2020

Jamie and Sean were high school lovers turned married couples.

Not to be surprised, both Sean and Jamie attended the same high school and later the same college.

The couple attended the La Salle College High School and the College of William and Mary, respectively.

Being together for decades, the level of understanding and love between these two is far from described.

Sean McDermott and Wife Age Gap

Sean McDermott and his wife Jamie do not share much age gap in their relationship.

The fact that they met in high school and became lovers during their college years suggests that there is not much age difference between them.

Buffalo Bills coach is currently 47 years as he was born on March 21, 1974; meanwhile, Jamir’es birthday is not on display.

It must be their same age that the McDermott couple shares both friendship and marriage.

Sean McDermott Net Worth 

Sean McDermott holds his net worth in multi-millions figures from his career as a successful coach.

He has a good reputation in the team as his head coaching Buffalo saw improvement and led the Bills to their first playoff appearance since 1999.

McDermott was hired by Bills in 2017 and has made significant improvements in Bill’s gameplay.

Sean McDermott has either had enough of the #Bills fumbling the football or is just staying ready for a possible reboot of American Gladiators.#BillsMafia pic.twitter.com/FuRd5KWPBF

— Dan Fetes (@danfetes) November 17, 2021

Thus, he is paid a deserving amount of paychecks from the franchise to make up his net worth.

We will update this section as soon as we trace down any relatable deets on his net worth earnings very more quickly.

Who Are Sean McDermott Children?

Sean McDermott is a father of two children from his union with Jamie.

He has a daughter named Maddie and a son. The McDermott children are often seen attending their father’s public event showing support to his works.

Is Sean McDermott On Instagram?

The Buffalo Bills’ leading man cannot be traced down on Instagram at the moment.

He is a professional man and tends to keep his life out of public reach. 

Meanwhile, he has received notable mentions on every social media platform.

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