Who Is Shantanu Dhope? Details To Know About The Desi Makeup Artist

Who really is shantanu dhope? What are his works? What is he actually famous for? Let’s find out.

A little background:

Shantanu dhope is an Indian social media influencer who is currently living in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He is in his mid-20’s and studied at fat mu Professional Makeup Academy. He can speak 4 different languages English, Hindi, Marathi and Sanskrit.

His influence:

He influences people specially men, encouraging them that men can wear makeup too with a strong hitting bio “Brown boys wear makeup too” whether it’s his Halloween edition reels or his successful attempt at mixing Indian clothing with cosmetics. His sparkling eye-makeup and face arts are big makeup goals, and his fans are impressed by his talent as a makeup artist.

Social media:

Shantanu is a very active kind of person when it comes to social media. With his current followers on Instagram being 37.2k and still rising. He is absolutely the one any beauty enthusiast should follow on Instagram in order to get fed with looks and inspiration.

Besides Instagram, he is also active in other platforms such as twitter and Facebook but not as much as Instagram.

Is shantanu found in Wikipedia?

There is no information about this talented makeup artist on Wikipedia till now. though he seems as an extrovert, he is secretive about his birthday as there is no mention of it on social media platforms and in websites.


He is very private when it comes to his personal life. So, as per now we can not find any information regarding his love life but we can confirm that he is not married and there are no rumors of who he is dating or is in a relationship with in any social media platforms as well.

Salary and net worth

As stated, before his salary and net worth are also not disclosed to public yet, but judging from the talent he possesses as a makeup artist and the fame he has as a social media influencer, we can say he has a healthy salary and lives a luxurious life.

Personality and traits:

He loves keeping his private life a secret from his follower but when it comes to his passion for makeup, face arts and so on he does not shy at all and shares his new look and art to his followers with open arms and he also share the tutorial of the makeup for us to watch and learn.

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