Wokie threatens to release nude video of ex-contestant; following ‘dramatic’ disqualification

Robertline Kerkula who was disqualified few hours for unknown reasons leading to the Grand Finale of Miss Earth Liberia, spoke with us for the first time where she acknowledged that the decision for the organizers to disqualify her is ‘wrong and in fact dramatic’.

Speaking to Asafrican.com, Robertline confirmed that yesterday while at practice, one of the organizers in person of Faith, called her aside from other colleagues and showed her an unclad content involving her. 

“Yesterday in the evening, when we were at practice, one of the organizers called me aside and told me that oh Robertline this is what happened. Someone sent me this video of you and it’s not pleasant,” 

She explained that when she asked whether the recording will hamper her chances in the event, Faith gave her assurance that she was going to partake in the event despite the unapproved tape shared against her. 

“So, right away I got shattered. I started crying. I was scared. Because normally for our setting in Liberia, when people see these things about you, they start to judge you all type of way and then try to block opportunities for you and other stuffs. 

So when I saw the video, I ask her right away, where do I stand in the pageant. Robertline questioned Faith who happens to be one of the organizers of the event. 

Faith alias Grandma encouraged her two days before the event that it was of no problem and once she performs and wins the contest, her group without the slightest hesitation will reward her the accolade. 

“She told me that once you perform and then, you already know one thing about La Queen Entertainment that we don’t cheat..and this and that, once you perform and win no one will take your crown from you.” Faith assured her and added. 

“Things happened and everybody have done things that are unpleasant and we will not judge you because of that.”

To her utmost surprise, when Robertline went for final rehearsals at the ministerial complex yesterday, she was told by the entire group she will no longer partake due to the ill-suited content they had established on her. 

Only for them to call me on the side and tell me I am disqualified because of this same video they told me earlier that it wasn't okay for me to go on the show with.” The ex-contestant clarified. 

When asked as to whether there were explicit rules and regulations surrounding her situation, Robertline acknowledged no particular guideline clarified if any contestant is involved in such, he or she will be banned from the event.

Further noting that even though there were printed laws or contracts issued to them, all spoke towards different things, and none of them made crystal clear that if any candidate past was ugly, he or she wouldn’t have participated. 

“No. Not at all. Not of my knowledge. I do not know about that.”

“I’m saying that they didn’t tell me that if you have this kind of thing in your past, you would not participate. This is so wrong and dramatic,” the dropout once again reiterated. 

She said that Wokie has picked up a call from her mother threatening to share her nude video in bait of her being asked to pay the expenses she incurred. 

Robertline concluded that she spent lots of cash apropos the event, and asked that organizers of Miss Earth Liberia reimburse her promptly. 


Written By: Thomas Williams Fomba 


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