"You will never be at peace till you admit and confess to your conspiracy" - Deng to Benita Urey

Celebrated musician and performer DenG is in beef with The Liberian Influence blogger Benita Urey over remarks by the latter who said on social media that "DenG when will you address the attempted rape stories out against you".

The social media war between Afropop artist DenG and blogger Benita Urey has kept the social media buzzing since the weekend.

The battle which started as mere shades throwing a few days back took a new turn on Saturday, after the blogger earlier, reported that DenG should address the attempted rape stories against him.

The musician, replied by posting some unprintable comments on the blogger’s Facebook page. DenG also said that Benita Urey and six of her associates accused him of false crime to damaged his musical career.

But Benita Urey had no chill for the musician either, responded. 

"Daniel George(DenG), I dont even know about your business with Lonestar Cell or even care if you’re President Weah’s blood son so stop bringing up nonsense topics here and address the stories against you. 

You’re a bold face liar and you can’t address issues but rather bring up topics that have nothing to do with anything. Several women have accused you of attempting to rape them. Address that and stop talking plenty lies. You’re too old to be so deceitful. Even after campaign, you and I shared a friendship until I heard the stories against you so stop lying here and be a man".

The "They Vex" crooner also took to the comment section to refute the blogger’s claim.

"God has a way of exposing our enemies, I also believe that time vindicates. Using rape to score political points is wrong and it's unfair to the victims. Folks close to DenG know that DenG is against rape and anyone who is engaged in such an act. Eventually, Liberian people will know of you and co-conspirators insidious plot against me. 

It was never a coincidence that 6 close associates/best friends, people that work closely with you Benita Urey simultaneously decided to accuse me of false crimes to damage my musical career. You will never be at peace till you admit and confess to your conspiracy!! I'm not the politician, why use me for your hate and annoyance at this Government? 

It bothered you that the President treated me like a son, it bothered you that I didn’t compaign for you guys, it bothered you that I refused to be your Cellphone Company Brand Ambassador for $500 a month, it bothered you that i refused to let you be my manager after you had flown for hours to be at my concert; Yes, it  bothered you guys that I refused to kiss ass!!!! 

I'm sorry, I didnt know it was a crime to have  preference and taste".

DenG claimed the award winning blogger began bashing him when he ignored her of being his manager, and also question the blogger denial of not being in close contact with his accusers. 

"Are you denying that you asked to be my manager and i ignored your request so you've been keeping grudges, are you denying that you guys call me Political musician because i never joined your party, are you denying that you don't have a close relationship and contact with all my accusers? Oh wow, what a coincidence, how come all my accusers are your personal friends".

The musician further stated that Benita Urey succeeded at ruining his career, but it did nothing for the industry.

"I'm not stupid Benita, i know the games you guys play...

You guys succeeded at ruining my career and reputation, but what good has it done for our music industry and our country?? You only satisfied your selfish and vindictive cravings".

The blogger also agreed that she stated she could help the musician with his career, and further denied DenG accusation that she's not friend with his accusers.

"Yes I said I could help you with your career after your management team dumped you. What does that have to do with anything you stated? Also didn’t that happen after election? So Why lie that I hated you cuz of Weah?

No I am not close friends with ANY of your accusers. Sweetz and I are friends NOT close friends, in fact I can count the amount of times we’ve spoken this year on one hand and apart from her I don’t even know the long list of your accusers. 

DenG you are a liar and a manipulator and no amount of prayers can help you. That your lying ways won’t play on me like it did with anybody else. When did you learn I was selfish? You feel that cuz people like your music so that means it gives you the right to make sexual passes at them. You need help".

With the battle getting messier, fans and concerned Liberians are beginning to show interest in the war between the two celebrities, as they pitch their tent and supports into two camps — for and against. 

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