Motel La Mirage, Sabon Gari

Motel La Mirage offers a mix of comfort with sophistication and is located in Kano, a peaceful environment known for its warm gesture of hospitality to visitors. Motel La Mirage is situated on 97, Nguru Avenue, Sabon Gari, Kano.

Guests have several yet unique needs and different expectations of what they want in a room. Motel La Mirage has provided 7 categories of rooms to offer different choices. It has the Single Room, Cadet Room, Double Room, Yayim Room, Admin Room, Mirage Room and Executive Suite (Old Wing). The rooms come furnished with amenities that are well suited to the modern guest. A study desk where guests can do their reading is available. There is also a wardrobe, a king sized bed, drawers, lamps, a fridge, a flat screen TV and an en-suite bathroom with toiletries. Some rooms come with a living room where guests can hold meetings and relax.

Facilities provided by Motel La Mirage include a restaurant that serves African dishes, a bar where alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are served and an event hall for holding both social and corporate gatherings.

Guests can also store their luggage in the luggage storage room. Ample parking space has been provided for by Motel La Mirage for guests’ convenience. Motel La Mirage has put effective security measures in place for guests’ safety.

Interesting Places to Visit near Motel La MirageKurmi Market (a minute drive)Gidan Makama Museum (a minute drive)Kano Zoo (a minute drive)Kano Club (a minute drive)Big Fish Restaurant (a minute drive)Falgore Game Reserve (a minute drive)

FAQsQ: Does Motel La Mirage have a Wi-Fi facility?A: There is no Wi-Fi access in the hotel.

Q: Is there an onsite restaurant/bar?A: Motel La Mirage has a restaurant/bar where guests can get meals and drinks.

Q: Is there an airport in proximity to Motel La Mirage?A: Motel La Mirage is close to Kano International Airport.

Q: Does Motel La Mirage have a luggage storage facility?A: There is a luggage storage room where guests can secure their belongings.

Q: Is there a wardrobe in each room?A: There is a wardrobe fitted in the rooms.

Q: Does Motel La Mirage have an ensuite bathroom?A: An en-suite bathroom that contains toiletries is available in each room.

Motel La Mirage is an affordable hotel in Sabon Gari, Kano.


Motel La Mirage

97 Nguru Avenue.

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